Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite

Hi there! Is anybody already looking into new software solutions to replace Adobe Creative Suite? My 5.5 version has now expired for real and circumventing the expensive subscription is getting real tough now. Very happy to recieve advice! Thanks in advance, xo Lona.

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I thankfully got locked into an educational plan [after being an adjunct professor at Pratt] and also had preferential pricing after being a past After Effects beta user. You might want to actually call, speak to a manager, or complain to see if you can get the lower $29.99/per-month pricing.

If not… for editing, motion graphics, color correction and visual effects: Davinci Resolve can handle quite a bit of tasks for free:

For Photoshop: free and paid, but if there’s 1 core app that has yet to be beat, it’s Photoshop, despite how much it has ballooned [and became processor-usage obese over the years]

You might be able to get by with Lightroom for some of your tasks.

Illustrator: Inkscape is highly regarded it seems

But I actually really dig Figma:

For InDesign, here are a few good options:


to replace the core InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator, check out the Affinity suite of products. However depending on career choice and directions, no matter how shitty Adobe can be and how annoying it’s subscription model, there’s really no choice. If I was working in a vacuum maybe I’d just go in for Affinity, but for most jobs, Adobe is required.


Second the affinity programs, affordable, no subscription, ios versions are on par functionality wise to the desktop versions. Inkscape is free, for vector stuff it’s superb.

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gimp is a free cross-platform alternative to photoshop -->

Thank you so much for the suggestions! Krita looked good, I have bad memories of Gimp… In the end I could use my university email (non tenured lecturer) for verification and invested in the Indesign package. Hope my request did solve the question for others, as well! My very best, Lona

Sketch ( is a great alternative in my experience to Adobe Illustrator. There is a license fee, but it’s something you pay once and are not obligated to renew.

thanks gornblat! :purple_heart: