Any good podcasts to listen to?

Looking for philosophy, life, politics, media podcasts to listen to…

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Thaddeus Russell unregistered podcast is rooted in philosophical topics he’s some sort of post modernist covers wide range of topics the intro includes portions of this quote : “things your not supposed to say or think if your good liberal a good conservative or a good citizen…not Interested breaking the rules to be a trouble maker interested in people who break the rules of conventional thought and to expand the scope of what is possible to say in our society …”

Lots of episodes updated nearly weekly

Sean Carroll mindscape good too but he’s more in the realm of science however there’s some good philosophical and techno episodes buried in there also updated weekly

Tbh I’m looking for new stuff to listen too as well lmao


Some of my recent favorites:

I love Creative Pep Talk it’s a really great inspirational and practical podcast about creative career building.

Every Little Thing is a very sweet and quirky educational show, the host is funny and it’s just a nice thing to listen to.

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a wonderfully produced show about sound and culture.

Imaginary Worlds is lovely well edited show all about fantasy worlds and stories in all their different forms, I wish it came out more frequently!


Hear The Bern!

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Hehe YES to the The House List. That and The Cipher Show are def the most comprehensive, respectful podcasts re: (mostly) hip hop as a culture, not just a promo run. Peter of THL and Shawn of TCS both speak to important figures who aren’t just front runners…a lot of gaps get filled… esp because each goes for a long form convo format. You get the foooood.

I’ve listened to numerous episodes of both and even let some stream with guests whose music I never cared for/checked and found some gems in their convo.

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