How do you do edits/ bootleg/ remixes?

Ive been for so long wanting to do edits of classic songs i have. I have ableton but not familiar with it at all for remixes… Would love to get tips/advices on how to start? Any good tutorial to watch?

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Hi Bergonist,

I believe “how to edit audio properly in software x” is to a degree stylistic and a to a degree scientific. When people ask these questions in forums or in social media groups there is commonly a long list of know it alls claiming they know all of the tricks and the exact correct way. I find this sort of silly, getting from A to B in a way you like is imho the goal.

I would gladly discuss the fundamentals of doing this with you in depth via PM. I might know some information you might appreciate.


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I’m not sure if this is helpful, but is an amazing resource for getting stems. :black_heart:


I don’t know of any tutorials (but I am sure they exist) but the crucial thing you would need to understand in Ableton is how “warping” works as it impacts looping, time stretching, etc.

My workflow:

  1. Bring song I want into Ableton (ideally as a Wav or Aiff)
  2. I warp the song so it’s at a consistent tempo for the duration, with a warp marker every 16 bars to ensure it’s on beat, or even more often for drift-y songs, or records with a live drummer and not a drum machine to lock the tempo in (why: I like all my loops to be dead on)
  3. From here loop a section of the song I like and copy it (and usually re-color it), I work through the entire song this way and essentially find all the great loops I like
  4. Next I lay them out on the timeline and move things around into an arrangement I like
  5. Once I have that set, I consider if I want to add anything extra (ie: a kick drum, a pad in a certain section, a delay to create fills, etc - but generally I try to keep it as close as I can to the original)
  6. Bounce edit

The nice thing about Ableton is you can have a million different workflows, the above is mine but you may find a different technique works better

The nice thing about edits is you can do them a million different ways; super basic to just extend intros and outros, or hyper creative to re-work the song. I would check some of the edit masters like Theo Parrish (Ugly Edits), or people like Kon - you might find some inspiration.

Hope that’s helpful to anyone reading!


Thanks a lot! This definitely helps!!! It’s funny i use ableton kind of like a drum machine, i just launch the clips live… i never used a timeline, might be helpful to learn to use it actually. I’m interested in knowing more about how i can produce by moving things…instead of just capturing a moment live.

Glad it was useful.

The other side of that coin is embracing your own workflow (which in my opinion is one of Ableton’s strengths)

If you go to item #3 above, where you create a bunch of different loops from the song - maybe from there you trigger them live in the order that instinctually feels good, using Ableton like a drum machine like you say?

Maybe you record that as a 5-6 minute jam in the arrange view and then just edit that?

I think a lot of people work this way and say the benefit is that it sounds more musical and faster. Maybe that works better given how you describe how you work.

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I have it on good authority that Theo’s Mr. Bump Man edit was created using four MPC pads that just started the whole song in different places.

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