Not that I DJ much these days but want to reiterate support of Backblaze, which I haven’t had to make use of, but seems to work seamlessly. I also have everything backed up via time machine to a cheap 8TB Western Digital external HD.

I used to use superduper to clone my system drive to a mirror which, in case of a weird crash or failed system drive, made it really fast to get back up and running.

As far as file prep, I do the same, and especially agree with the idea of using your own logic. i have stuff in folders that might not make sense to other people, like they’d say “why is this track in a folder called boogie?” and why is this track in the “eurodisco” folder and not the “italo” folder or whatever, or especially more ambiguous definitions I have like “new york”, which isn’t even necessarily music FROM new york, but it just has to make sense to me.

Also with playlists, there’s no reason not to have a track in more than one playlist if you think you might be looking for it in different contexts.

I also have a random folder called CRATE where I drop stuff that i think I might want to play for the upcoming event, helps put me in the right mindspace.


If anybody has any further questions on this feel free to hit me up!


Thanks for sharing Clay! I love nerding out about this stuff.

I’m just about to re-think how I store my full library and dj library and this is very helpful.

Will try to remember to comment on this thread once I pick a direction for comparison.

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So good to read this, thank you! One question… Do you use iTunes playlists or track Get Info > Grouping data?