Seeking: Skills in Macbook Pro Batter Replacement

Wondering if anyone here has experience in replacing a Macbook Pro 13", it is an early 2013 model with retina display. I bought the replacement battery but realised the deinstallation/installation is a bit out of my comfort zone.

Would be happy to compensate with food and drink- I’m a good cook & host but also happy to take you out for a meal!


hi there! i am comfortable with doing the technical work for a battery replacement… the toughest part would be getting something warm on the battery to soften up the glue! otherwise i have all the tools. while i haven’t done a battery replacement on this computer, i own a 13" 12,1 MacBook Pro myself and i would feel comfortable working on mine in most capacity outside of logic board repair.

you’re offering food and hospitality for the service but i think cash is more fair considering the labor involved! are you open to paying a reasonable price for the battery swap?