SWAP MEET @Bossa Nova Civic Club - December 29th

We’re organizing a Pick Up The Flow Tshirt Swap at Bossa Nova in a month.

If interested in selling your T-Shirt (Merch) you can sign up here:


How was this? Unfortunately I was out of town and couldn’t go.

Maybe a dumb question, but what is a t-shirt swap? Did people bring “vintage”-y t-shirts to sell and trade? Or was this like labels selling their shirts? Was the shirt swap all night or just 7-10?

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Oh no worries at all ! It was super nice, very intimate, chill little swap meet. Unfortunately, it was raining but lots of people came by. No one sold vintage shirts but more like merch (labels. artists…) The swap was in effect from 7 to 12- then from midnight to 4 people continue djing…
Dj Sets started as well from 7-4am (long night) but it was good to hang out in real life with friends and exchange thoughts…