Voice Plugins/Ableton

Anyone has some plugins for vocals? Looking for some effects that i could use on ableton when i sing, different from the ones Ableton gives for free.
Also looking for tips regarding latency when i use my audio interface/mic…

Sorry it’s a little bit of a late reply, but I would recommend the Antares Avox Suite. They can be a bit heavyweight for a laptop that doesn’t have a fast CPU if you’re using multiples on one track, but the effects end up sounding great and the output is high quality audio that’s easy to work with.

Would like to particularly mention the harmonizer, choir, and mutator plugins that it comes with (and a pretty decent autotune).

The harmonizer is a VERY customizable “Hide and Seek” effect with a decent amount of preset scales, and volume for each ‘voice.’

The Choir plugin is a chorus that’s specifically designed to process vocals and can allow to get a decent “AI voice” much like this one which can be VERY fun to mess with, although I’ve definitely achieved this effect with the Ableton chorus and reverb. This plugin sounds particularly warm and surprisingly almost analog compared to the rest of them as it provides a very full mix.

The Mutator is a pretty fun one in that, while it’s a bit gimmicky only having a few knobs, you can scramble vocals at a rate that latches to the BPM of your track in 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc. notes so you can speak and have the vocals leap around with your beat. I’ve used these effects very heavily both here and here though i’m not sure how well this one could apply to a live performance setting.

The autotune on it is pretty standard, and definitely does not sound as good as a hardware autotune pedal, although it gets the job done and provides a large range of tweaks and can sound very natural or processed if you’ve micromanaged the formants and ‘humanization’ knob. For autotune in a live performance setting, though, I would look into getting an ElectroHarmonix V-256 vocoder, as it’s response time will be invariably quicker and ‘feel’ better when performing than any plugin would.

As for vocal latency, I’m not sure what to recommend beyond using ASIO or another driver that dedicates all the audio in your system to whatever DAW you’re using at a given time outside of upgrading the CPU of your computer.

The post was a bit long, but I was very excited to see this thread, as working with vocals in electronic music is one of my favorite things and I really hope to see it more w/ experimental or conventional usage – especially in a club setting :)).

EDIT: Linked the Avox Suite


Thanks a lot for this ! So many great resources :innocent: