Workshops / training in nyc

Can we share on this thread any workshop programs/trainings available in NYC?

Commend seems to be the place doing workshops relevant to this forum, although I am embarrassed to admit that I have yet to attend any (usually a result of my travel schedule).

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I’m giving a workshop “Voice Activated” – voice and electronics, as part of the Women in Sound series coming up 12/15 (sorry to the guys on the list, but the sponsor (Women in Sound) runs this as for women and women identifying people only, but maybe you have friends who are interested in the workshop or that community?


Haven’t checked any of these out yet but they seem cool :slight_smile:

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culinary training NYC:

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Free French classes!!!

Hi all!

I’m hosting a free workshop on multichannel sound design with Max/MSP on Monday March 30th, 7pm-9pm at CuteLab NYC (

The new multichannel objects in Max 8 give you the ability to implement powerful instances of polyphony with very little patching. In this workshop, we’ll use Max 8’s MC objects to design a wave-field synth array, a multi-oscillator FM/subtractive synth, a granular synth, and a quadraphonic panner. To someone that’s just getting started with making music in Max, getting familiar with the MC objects will greatly improve your sound designing abilities, not to mention make the overwhelming abundance of a blank patching window much more manageable.

You’ll need a copy of Max 8 if you want to patch along, but if you don’t have one you can download the demo here ( You’re also welcome to come hang out and observe. The workshop will be about two hours, plus an extra hour if you want to stay and work on your patches. Free snacks too :duck:

Re: last post, we’ll be postponing the workshop indefinitely because of COVID-19. Stay tuned